Wealth Strategies offers a comprehensive investment product range with unique, tailored investment portfolios. Our clients can access low cost, passive investment funds as well as personalised managed portfolios. We also offer unique guaranteed and structured investment products, which are effective investment alternatives in volatile markets. We advise extensively on both local and international investment portfolios, taking investment related considerations such as tax and estate planning into account.

An investment portfolio should be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that the investments are achieving their desired financial purpose. Asset allocation, portfolio re-balancing and fund switching may be required on an ad-hoc basis, to manage risk levels in changing investment conditions.

An investment portfolio should consider various factors, including:

Investment term

The time frame of your investment


Do you require quick access to your funds

Risk level

Your tolerance of market movements and volatility

Expected return

What are your expectations regarding the return on your investment?

Capital growth or income requirements

Is your investment objective long term capital growth or the generation of income; or a combination of both

Interest rates and guarantees

You should be aware of the effects of the interest rate cycle on your investments and the appropriate use of investment guarantees

Currency risk

Any exposure to international investment markets carries the risk of currency movements, and you should be aware of the impact this could have on your investment portfolio