Wealth Strategies is a Specialist Independent Investment Planning, Wealth Management, and Financial Planning Business

At Wealth Strategies, we provide tailored advice in the areas of investment planning, pre and post retirement planning, death and lifestyle financial planning, and estate planning. We advise and implement independent financial planning strategies with the aim of creating and preserving individual investor wealth. 

Although Wealth Strategies offers holistic financial planning, covering the main aspects of one’s financial portfolio, we have a strong focus on advising and managing our clients’ investment portfolios. 

The financial planning process is an on-going exercise of aligning your financial plans and aspirations. It needs to be a dynamic process, taking into account your investment and retirement strategies, and the careful structuring of your income at retirement.

It also requires that your financial planning includes the proper handling of your assets and liabilities in your estate, both during your lifetime and thereafter.

We offer advice and implementation on a single needs basis, or as a comprehensive financial planning exercise, covering the various aspects of one’s personal and business financial portfolio.

Mission And Philosophy​

Our aim is to assist our clients to achieve their financial goals by providing appropriate financial planning advice, on an on-going basis. In doing so, we strive to earn the trust, respect and loyalty of our clients, which should be the cornerstone of our business success.

“Plan today, Secure tomorrow”

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